Innovation happens all at once — Then Its a fight till the death

Ububele Kopo
Oct 22, 2020


Image: FinvFin

Every so often a new industry gets disrupted by 3 or so companies. Linkedin’s founder Reid Hofman has a saying that: “First prize is a Cadillac, second prize is a set of steak knives, and third prize is, ‘You’re fired.’” Meaning, once an industry gets disrupted by a number of upstarts it becomes a race to Blitzscale & the winner takes the market. This has happened a few times in the last 10 years.


  • Cadillac — Uber
  • Steak Knives — Lyft
  • You’re fired — Sidecar

Men’s Grooming

  • Cadillac —Dollar Shave Club
  • Steak Knives —Harry’s
  • You’re fired —Bevel


  • Cadillac —Airbnb
  • Steak Knives —HomeAway
  • You’re fired — Wimdu


  • Cadillac — Ro
  • Steak Knives — Hims
  • You’re fired — Keeps


  • Cadillac — Bird
  • Steak Knives — Lime
  • You’re fired — Jump