Ideas that run counter to each other

Ububele Kopo
2 min readJul 8, 2020


Education vs Business

Education: Hill & Cliff

The ideas of business & building products run counter to those of formal education as time goes. I think of education in its formal sense as gliding down a hill & falling off a cliff. Think about the exam process, your grade is determined by a combination of what you have done throughout the term (the hill) & a final examination (the cliff) often making up 50/50 of the grade. At the end of the term, you get angry & become miserable because of a subpar grade in computational mathematics. When the term started you were happy because ignorance is bliss now you glided down a hill & fell off a cliff.

Business: Cliff & Hill

Business & products are different. You start with the examination process where they ask you to define your hypothesis for your idea then you climb the cliff to reach product-market fit before you spend a term, if successful the rest of your life, proving the hypothesis. It's like climbing up a short cliff & then pushing a boulder up a hill.